Can more than one applicant be listed on the application?

It is quite usual for applications to our program to come from groups of collaborators, often drawing on the skills of whole teams of excavators and specialist technicians.  Moreover, it is possible, in theory, for two scholars to share the role of Principal Investigator (P.I.).  But in the interests of not creating a great deal of unnecessary difficulties in administering the grant – not to mention a great deal of extra work if it the funding has to be transferred to two distinct institutions – we always advise that one person be named P.I. and serve as the formal recipient of the funding, or to separate these roles if necessary for financial reasons.  Even though two lead researchers may collaborate to design the project and to administer it, and may even be paid equal salaries out of the grant money, you will want to describe the project as a formal collaboration between the two of you, but for one of you to be named P.I. for the purposes of awarding the grant.