Hasanlu Tepe (Iran): The Early Iron Age Citadel

PUBLISHED 2013. Please visit the publication's webpage.

Hasanlu Tepe is the largest site in the Qadar River valley of northwestern Iran and dominates the small Sulduz plain. The tepe consists of a 25 m high central mound, 13 HA in area, surrounded by a low mound. The low mound rises 8 m above the surrounding plain and covers at least 23 HA, but modern villages and agricultural fields obscure its exact extent. The recent resumption of archaeological work in western Iran demands the immediate publication of the Iron Age levels, since they form the cornerstone for our understanding of the culture history of this important region. Moreover, Iron Age Hasanlu provides an incredible dataset for scholars interested in the study of broader issues such as early empires, secondary state formation, core-periphery relations, and urbanization.

The publication project is directed by Dr. Michael Danti.