Alexander Mazarakis Ainian

Alexander Mazarakis Ainian

University of Thessaly
1999 Grant Recipient
Mazarakis Ainian

Oropos Excavations. The Protogeometric and Sub-Protogeometric Periods

PUBLISHED 2020. Please visit the webpage for the volume HERE.

The aim of the Oropos Project is to publish the old rescue excavations of the Greek Archaeological Service at Skala Oropou and Nea Palatia (northern Attica, Greece) which yielded evidence for human occupation of the period between the 10"' and the 6"' centuries BC (Protogeometric, Geometric, Earlv Archaic, Archaic). These excavations were conducted in the years between 1985 and 1987 by the late Aliki Dragona and the publication rights were ceded to me in 1993 by the Ephor at that time of Attica, Dr. Basil Petrakos, currently Secretarv General of the Greek Archaeological Society. The study concerns two main excavations, that of the plot of the Telephone Company (OTE) at Nea Palatia, and that of the School (OSK property) at Skala Oropou.

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