Arthur Muller

Arthur Muller

University of Lille (Emeritus)
2020 Grant Recipient

Artemis in Dyrrhachion

As a specialist in Greek archaeology, Arthur Muller has worked both in the field and in the museum. His main research themes concern:  the formation of cities, with surveys and excavations in Megara, Epidamne-Dyrrhachion, and especially Thasos (Grand Prix d’Archéologie 2017 of the Del Duca Foundation);  the archaeology of economic life (crafts in general, mines and quarries of Thasos); and especially figurative terracotta – after renewing the study of mass production processes, he explores the identification and the function of figurines in sanctuaries and graves.

He is an emeritus of the University of Lille (France), where he taught Greek archaeology as Senior Lecturer (1981-1993), then Professor (1993-2017), while relying on the French School of Athens, of which he was a scientific member (1977-1981) and Director of Studies for Antiquity and Byzantium (2009-2012), before benefiting from a research delegation at the Institut Universitaire de France (2012-2017).


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