Eleanor Barbanes-Wilkinson

Eleanor Barbanes-Wilkinson

University of Edinburgh
2003 Grant Recipient

Nineveh: Assyrian Pottery from the Lower Town, Iraq

The ancient city, one of the most important and oldest in Mesopotamia, was the last great capital of the Assyrian empire. Dominating the site is the high mound known as Kuyunjik, which may have been occupied almost continuously from the seventh millennium B.C. through the early Islamic period. In the early 7th century B.C., during the reign of the Neo-Assyrian king Sennacherib, the city was enlarged to 750 hectares, incorporating a secondary citadel, now called Nebi Yunus, and an extensive walled lower town. The primary goal of this project is the production of a ceramic type series for the period of Neo-Assyrian occupation in the city which, despite the considerable amount of archaeological work conducted at the site since the mid-19th century, has not yet been developed or published.


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