Felix Pirson

Felix Pirson

German Archaeological Institute (DAI)
2019 Grant Recipient

Casa dei Postumii VIII 4, 4. 49 and its insula. A Diachronic Study of a Multifunctional Architectural Complex at Pompeii

The publication project is headed by Felix Pirson together with Jens-Arne Dickmann, with whom he jointly directed the field-project. The missing chapters of the publication as well as its final preparation will be provided by Pia Kastenmeier, who participated in the field-project as a student and has meanwhile developed an outstanding research-profile within the Archaeology of the Vesuvian cities.

Felix Pirson is a Classical Archaeologist. He holds a MPhil from Cambridge University and a Master-Degree and a PhD from Munich University and is Honorary Professor at Leipzig University. Since 2006 he has been First Director of the German Archaeological Institute at Istanbul and director of the Pergamon-Excavation (Bergama, Turkey). He was awarded with a guest-professorship at the ÉPHE at Paris in 2014 and is a senior fellow at ISAW (New York University). His main research topics are ancient urbanism, the Vesuvian cities, Pergamon, human-environment relations and images of war and violence in antiquity.


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