Grégoire Nicolet

Grégoire Nicolet

2019 Grant Recipient

The 'House of the Tablets' and the teaching at Mari during the Old Babylonian Period (ca 1800 BC)

Dr. Grégoire Nicolet (CNRS, Nanterre) is the research leader of the project. At the University of Geneva, he was educated as an Assyriologist by Antoine Cavigneaux and as a Near Eastern Archaeologist by Pascal Butterlin. Since 2008, he has been involved in three projects funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, while taking part in the excavations of Tell Hariri (Mari) and also living in Syria to work at the National Museum of Damascus. His main scientific research is focused on the education and the cultural development of children in Syria and Mesopotamia, using an interdisciplinary approach combining archeological and epigraphic data, as well as embedding this approach into a theoretical framework developed thanks to different socio-anthropological analyses.


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