Grazia Antonella Di Pietro

Grazia Antonella Di Pietro

University College, London / University of Naples 'L'Orientale'
2016 Grant Recipient

Naqada Publication Project

 Grazia Di Pietro obtained her PhD in African Studies / Archaeology and Prehistory of Africa at the University of Naples 'L'Orientale' in Italy (2011), with a research project aimed at re-evaluating the role of Naqada in the sequence of social, economic, political and cultural development of the late Egyptian prehistory and in the formation process of the ancient Egyptian state. As a team member of the Hierakonpolis Expedition, since 2012 she has re-examined a series of Pre-/ Proto-dynastic ceramic assemblages from several settlement localities within the Hierakonpolis region. In 2013–2015 she was Marie Curie Research Fellow at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London, UK, and conducted the EU-funded project ‘Comparative Archaeological Study of Egyptian Predynastic Settlements’ (CASEPS).

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