Gregory Marouard

Gregory Marouard

Oriental Institute – University of Chicago
2019 Grant Recipient

Tell Edfu: Excavations of the Governor’s residence of the late Middle Kingdom and the granary court of the Second Intermediate Period in Zone 1 (2005-2013)

Since 2009, the Tell Edfu project has been co-directed by Gregory Marouard and Nadine Moeller. The main research goals have been focusing on the origins of the ancient city in addition to exploring the various settlement quarters that are accessible on the current surface of the tell. 

A brief summary of Dr. Marouard's recent work:

- since 2009: Co-director of the Tell-Edfu Project (OK to NK settlement at Edfu)
- since 2014: Director of the Kom ed-Dahab Survey (Greco-Roman settlement in the Eastern Delta)
- since 2014: Co-director of the Joint mission IFAO-OI-Macquarie at Dendara (research on settlement areas from its Predynastic origins to the Late Roman period)
- since 2011: Senior Archaeologist and ceramicist for the IFAO excavation at Wadi el-Jarf (OK harbor on Egyptian Red Sea coast)
- from 2006 to 2015: Senior Archaeologist of the French excavation at Buto (Late Period to Late Roman period settlement, western Delta)
- from 2010 to 2013: Director of the Edfu Pyramid Project (OK provincial pyramid at Edfu)
- from 2005 to 2015: Archaeologist for the IFAO excavation at Ayn Sokhna (OK - MK harbor on Egyptian Red Sea coast)
- from 2008 to 2015: Archaeologist and ceramicist for the Wadi Araba IFAO survey (Eastern Desert)
- 2012: Associate Director of the Sinki Pyramid Survey (OK provincial pyramid at South Abydos)

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