Juan Antonio Sánchez Priego

Juan Antonio Sánchez Priego

Laboratoire Archéorient UMR 5133-CNRS, Lyon (France)
2017 Grant Recipient

Publication of the Neolithic site of Tell Aswad (Damascus Region, Syria)

Dr. Juan Antonio Sánchez Priego is the Assistant-Director of Tell Aswad and Associated Researcher in Laboratory Archéorient-UMR 5133 CNRS, Maison de l’Orient et de la Méditerranée de Lyon (France) and at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain). His main research topics are the early prehistory and Neolithization (XI-VII millennia BC cal.) in the Near East (Syria and Jordan) through the analyses of raw materials, lithic industries and experimentation, and also the Neolithic and Chalcolithic in Spain. He has a long experience in the field in Syria (1997-2008). He is a member of the French “Mission MAEDI permanente d’El Kowm-Mureybet". He has worked at the sites of Jerf el Ahmar, Tell Aswad, Qdeir 1 and Bal’as. He was co-director of French archaeological mission at the bay of Ben Ghanam, Al Khor (Qatar, 2007), and a member of the South Eastern Badia Archaeological Project (Jordan, 2015). During the period 2004-2017 in Spain he directed more than 30 archaeological rescue projects. He is author of fifteen articles and has lectured at as many international conferences on the Neolithic of the Near East and Spain. Recently (2015) he has co-edited a book on an important rescue site in Spain.
The publication of Tell Aswad will include contributions by fifteen specialists. Dr. Juan Antonio Sánchez Priego is the over-all coordinator for the preparation of this interdisciplinary project and will be responsible for the editorial work. He will also coordinate contacts between the different partners and organize the financial and material aspects.  

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