Maud Devolder

Maud Devolder

UC Louvain
2021 Grant Co-Recipient with Iro Mathioudaki

The Neopalatial Sequence of the Palace at Malia (1700-1430 BCE, Crete). A Contextual, Architectural and Ceramic Approach

Maud Devolder is a field archaeologist specialised in architecture. She received her PhD in History, Art and Archaeology at the UCLouvain, Belgium (2009), after which she completed postdoctoral fellowships in Athens, Berlin, Rethymno, Louvain-la-Neuve, Bristol and Venice. She is now Associate Researcher of the National Fund for Scientific Research in UCLouvain (F.R.S.-FNRS). She has developed a strong hands-on experience with the eastern Mediterranean Bronze Age and especially Minoan material culture through her studies, fieldwork (Palaikastro, Thorikos, Sissi, Myrtos Pyrgos, Malia, Agriana), and research projects. With a keen interest for Minoan building materials and techniques, she has published original investigations of the creation of ancient architecture. In parallel, she has worked towards the final publication of evidence produced by old excavations (Quartier Nu Neopalatial soundings [2010-2012, published] and Dessenne Building Project [2012-2016, published] in Malia), with funding provided by the French School at Athens and INSTAP. Since 2014 Maud Devolder has been the director of the Malia Palace Project for the French School at Athens, and in 2016 she was awarded the Michael Ventris Award for her work on the architecture of this monumental edifice. 

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