Peter Leeming

Peter Leeming

University of Exeter
2018 Grant Recipient

Tbilisi II - The Iron Age of Treligorebi, Treli and Nakubakevi

This grant is to enable publication of the final report of a series of excavations of Iron Age burials within Tbilisi, the capital of the Republic of Georgia in the Caucasus. The project is jointly run with Mr. Mikhei Abramishvili, of the Georgian National Museum, who with his father, the late Rostom Abramishvili, excavated the sites in question. The sites are all anomalous compared to other Iron Age burials from the area and certain aspects of the finds and practices indicate a temporary presence of nomadic tribes (Scythians) within what is now the environs of Tbilisi.

Peter Leeming is currently an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Exeter. He took up archaeology as a hobby and then studied archaeology at Orkney College, Scotland and subsequently worked in Scotland and England within curatorial archaeology. He has recently completed a PhD thesis researching fossils discovered in Neolithic and Bronze Age sites in the British Isles at the University of Exeter. He undertook fieldwork and worked closely with the Georgian National Museum in the Republic of Georgia, whilst assisting his wife in her researches on the spread of Christianity. His interests are in prehistory in general and specifically the archaeology of objects included with burials.

Figure 2. Selected finds from the Treli ‘Royal Graves’.

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