Samuel Wolff

Samuel Wolff

Israel Antiquities Authority
2003 Grant Recipient

Tel Megadim (Tell Sahar)

Tel Megadim (officially registered as Tell Sahar) is located on the Carmel coast of Israel, 2 km. north of Atlit. Broshi's excavations concentrated on the uppermost Persian period stratum, yielding one of the most complete town plans known in Israel for that period. Wolff's nine-month salvage excavation sectioned the tell, filling out the occupational history of the site and revealing significant remains from the Early, Intermediate (EB IV), Middle and Late Bronze Ages, and the Persian and Byzantine periods. Unfortunately, both excavations have produced only brief preliminary reports until now. The results from both of these excavations confirm the maritime orientation of the site, especially for the EB, MB, LB, and Persian period. As the only excavated coastal site in northern Israel, it provides evidence for a stopping point on the Egypt–Byblos run in the EB. The finds from the Middle Bronze Age, along with 14C results, contribute to the discussion of the synchronization of chronologies in the eastern Mediterranean. Relations with the interior were also of primary importance. In the EB I, for example, ceramic analysis established that there existed a close cultural relationship between its inhabitants and those from Qiryat 'Ata, Tel Qashish, 'En Assawir, 'En Shadud and Megiddo. The EB IV horizon provides a rare opportunity to characterize the mode of subsistence (by means of animal bone analysis), and an analysis of the artifacts and skeletal remains from the two dozen MB tombs contributes to our knowledge of burial practices, population characteristics, social stratification and trade relations in that period.

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