Sturt Manning

Sturt Manning

Tsaroukkas, Mycenaens, and Trade Project, Dpt. of Archaeology, U. of Reading
2003 Grant Recipient

Maroni Tsaroukkas

Maroni Tsaroukkas (and associated toponyms Aspres, Kapsaloudhia and Vournes) is one of the set of large Late Cypriot coastal sites-polities that emerge on Cyprus in the Late Cypriot I-IIC periods, c.1650-1200BC. It is a c.35ha total site. Various elite tombs and the small areas comprising the elite centres at a number of these Late Cypriot centres have been studied and are reasonably well known – including the Maroni elite centre at Vournes (not part of this project – excavations 1981-1988 by Gerald Cadogan). But little is know about the constitution of the majority of these settlements and especially their landscape context. The Tsaroukkas project thus deliberately sought instead to investigate the overall site – its anatomy – and its regional context and development. It further specifically sought to explore utilitarian areas of the site close to the sea where trade and craft-production linked to international maritime trade might have occurred – since it has long been hypothesised that such trade was important to the development of the major Late Cypriot sites. Thus the project concentrated on providing a unique perspective on Late Cypriot society, economy, and politics and, for the first time, on providing a holistic regional context in which to study the role and development of a major Late Cypriot centre.

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