Valentina Orsi

Valentina Orsi

Università di Siena
2017 Grant Recipient

Tilmen Höyük – The Excavations in the Lower Town

Valentina Orsi is an archaeologist of the Ancient Near East working in Upper Mesopotamia, Central and South-Eastern Anatolia. Her research interests center on material culture studies, with a special focus on ceramic production as related to aspects of continuity and discontinuity in the long-term perspectives, cross-cultural interactions and socio-economic and political phenomena. After a PhD from the University of Florence on the transition between the Early and the Middle Bronze Age in Upper Mesopotamia, she directed a post-doctoral research project on Central Anatolian ceramic traditions from the Bronze to the Iron Ages. She co-organized several national and international conferences, such as ‘Sacred Landscapes of the Hittites and Luwians’ (Florence, 2014); ‘Ricerche in Anatolia Centrale’ (Florence, 2009), and the ‘16th Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology’ (Florence, 2012). She taught Near Eastern Ceramic Analysis and Archaeology and Art History of the Ancient Near East, and conducted archaeological research in Syria (Tell Barri, Tell Mozan), Turkey (Tilmen Höyük, Uşaklı Höyük), and Iraq (Qaladze). She is member of the scientific board of the series STUDIA ASIANA, and she is the author of several publications in peer-reviewed academic journals, series and conference proceedings, including the book Crisi e Rigenerazione nella valle dell'Alto Khabur (Siria) (Florence 2011); the edited books SOMA 2012. Identity and Connectivity (Oxford 2013), and Sacred Landscapes of Hittite and Luwians (Florence 2015). 

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