Xu Liu

Xu Liu

Peking University, China
2016 Grant Recipient

Peking University’s excavations at Liulihe

 Professor Liu Xu studies the archaeology of Bronze Age China. His special interests include burial customs, architecture, chariots, kiln technology, and a range of topics in the broader discipline of archaeology, e.g., chronology and material culture. Professor Liu is an experienced excavator. He was the supervisor of the excavations at many major Bronze Age sites, including Zhouyuan, Qucun, Wangchenggang, and Liulihe.

The Liulihe site, the capital of the Yan state in the Western Zhou period (ca.1050-770 BC), is located at Beijing Fangshan, not far from the northern end of the Huabei Plain in east China. The site was first found and excavated in 1962 by the archaeology department of Peking University. From 1995 to 1997, we excavated the site again and turned our attention from the city's cemetery to the history of the settlement. Three seasons of excavation has accumulated a vast amount of important data. The publication of the volume will greatly benefit not only the study of Yan culture, the Western Zhou enfeoffment system and the development of Chinese cities, but also the contact between China and the northern steppe and many other subjects.

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