Anaskaphes Mykenon Vol. I


Iakovidis, Spyros, Anaskaphes Mykenon Vol. I (The Archaeological Society at Athens (He En Athenais Archaiologike Hetaireia), 2006), pp. 187 + 43 plates.
Anaskaphes Mykenon Vol. I


This is the publication of the building complex situated in the NW corner of the citadel. The complex consists of 3 buildings of 2 - 4 rooms each, preserved to basement level and separated by open passages. They were cleared down to bedrock by Tsountas sometime before or at the turn of the century. Tsountas left only a baulk for the traffic of his wheelbarrows, which was found to cover a large jar in situ, showing together with other evidence that the basements were used as storerooms. They were built in the 13th cent. BC and were destroyed by an earthquake before the end of that century. Tsountas never published this excavation nor did he ever refer to it. The ruins were cleared by G.E. Mylonas and the applicant, working on behalf of the Archaeological Society at Athens, in 1984 and 1985, a detailed situation plan was drawn and all the surviving evidence from Tsountas' baulk and a drain running beneath the buildings was collected, enough to justify a detailed publication. The program aims at studying this evidence and organizing its publication in full, thus filling an unfortunate gap in the history of the citadel.

ISBN: 9789608145573
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