Excavations at Dor: Figurines, Cult Objects and Amulets


Stern, Ephraim, Excavations at Dor: Figurines, Cult Objects and Amulets (Israel Exploration Society, 2010).
Excavations at Dor: Figurines, Cult Objects and Amulets


With contributions by Adi Erlich, Renate Rosenthal-Heginbottom and Christian Herrmann

This volume presents the rich and impressive finds of clay figurines, stone, ivory and metal statuettes, and Egyptian faience amulets uncovered in the two decades of excavations at Tel Dor conducted under my supervision during the years 1980-2000.

The purpose of the volume is to make available to students of Holy-Land archaeology the cultic finds from Dor, in a separate monograph, to enable them to benefit from the new material and not be obliged to await publication of the final excavation reports which, due to their complexity, are often delayed.

A collaborative undertaking, this book includes my own contribution and those of three specialists, each in his/her field of expertise. The cultic remains, both those of an official nature and those associated with the popular apotropaic traditions, represent an important chapter in Israeli archaeology and their various aspects have been examined in numerous studies. These finds enable us to identify the cultic ideas held by the various peoples of Israel and to examine the changes made prior to the Persian period when the ancient Eastern cult was predominant and its replacement by the West Greek cult in the Hellenistic period.

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