Le Site Neolithique de Tell Mureybet (Syrie du Nord), En Hommage a Jacques Cauvin, Volumes I & II

Le Site Neolithique de Tell Mureybet (Syrie du Nord), En Hommage a Jacques Cauvin, Volumes I & II


In 1970 M. van Loon, who excavated in Mureybet during 1964-1965, offered J. Cauvin to continue this project before the Euphrates Valley flooded. His offer was accepted and the new series of excavations, conducted by J. Cauvin and his team, lasted from 1971 through 1974. The two volumes of Mureybet final site report, not to mention the numerous papers published in previous years, contain a plethora of information as regards these excavations. Indeed, the field operation saved for future generations a crucial archaeological record and provided a clear idea, if we consider the rather small excavation area relatively to the size of the mound, of what was lost under the rising waters of the Tabqa Dam.
The first volume opens with In Memoriam of J. Cauvin written by M. Molist who notes the historical role J. Cauvin and his team played in creating the Institut de Préhistoire Orientale, and is followed by a brief chapter placing the formative years of the project in their historical context.
The first volume records the essential aspects such as the radiocarbon chronology (J. Evin and D. Stordeur), followed by the stratigraphy and architecture (D. Stordeur and J.J. Ibáñez), the fireplaces (M. Molist), archaeobotanical and faunal remains (G. Willcox, L. Gourichon and D. Helmer), a suite of reports on the lithic industries (coordinated and partly written by M.-C. Cauvin with contributions by F. Abbès, J.E. Sanchez Priego, J.E. Gonzales Urquijo, J.J. Ibáñez and A. Rodriguez Rodriguez). The second volume provides chapters on the bone industry (D. Stordeur and R. Christidou), the ground stone industry, its typology and use (M.-C. Nierlé and M. Lebreton), body decorations (C. Maréchal and H. Alarashi), the figurines and other small objects (D. Stordeur and M. Lebreton), and closes with the conclusions that are an effective summary of the available evidence, by J.J. Ibáñez in French, English and Arabic. A detailed list of references closes this volume and supplies the readers with a full list of papers published in the past where various aspects of the Mureybet project were reported or discussed.

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