Views from Phlamoudhi, Cyprus


Smith, Joanna S. Views from Phlamoudhi, Cyprus (American Schools of Oriental Research, 2008).
Views from Phlamoudhi, Cyprus


Fieldwork in the village of Phlamoudhi, Cyprus from 1970-1973 by the Columbia University Expedition to Phlamoudhi recorded the only systematically excavated evidence for Middle to Late Bronze Age and Iron Age settlement north of the Kyrenia Mountains. Halted by the war of 1974 that divided the island, most of the discoveries in Phlamoudhi remained unpublished until 2000 when the Phlamoudhi Archaeological Project began the systematic study, analysis, and publication of the material. This book's chapters cover the two main excavated sites, the hilltop site of Vounari and the larger settlement at Melissa; the region's patterns of settlement in the Bronze and Iron Ages and the Hellenistic through Medieval periods; and the geology and palaeobotany of the region. Chapters with perspectives on the excavations by original team members, the history of work in the area, and an overview of archaeology on Cyprus before and after the war place the fieldwork in historical perspective. This volume derives from papers at a symposium that was held together with an exhibition of the finds from Phlamoudhi in 2005.

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