Angelo Di Michele

Angelo Di Michele

2015 Grant Recipient
Angelo Di Michele

Tell Afis 3. Acropolis and Lower Town Fortifications. From Late Chalcolithic Period to Iron Age III (4000 – 600 BC)

Angelo Di Michele obtained a BA in Archaeology and Art History at the University of Bologna, a masters in Archaeology at the University of Bologna and a PhD in Archaeology and Art History of the Near East at the University of Turin. He participated in several archaeological and survey projects: Tell Afis and Arslantash in Syria; Aradetis Orgora in Georgia; Tulul al-Baqarat, BashTapa, Tello and Umma Survey Project in Iraq; Nisa Parthica in Turkmenistan. He is currently involved as an archaeologist and pottery specialist in two projects: Tello Archaeological Project and Umma Survey Project both in south Iraq.  
He is the author of numerous papers in archaeological and peer-reviewed journals, as well as book reviews (OCNUS, Orizzonti, Egitto e Vicino Oriente, Mesopotamia) and in conference proceedings (Broadening Horizons 3 2010 in Barcelona and 4 2011 in Turin, ICAANE 2006 in Madrid; 2008 in Rome and 2012 in Warsaw). He organized the international workshop “Societies in Transitions” which was held on 5th November 2007 at the University of Bologna (in collaboration with S. M. Cecchini, F. Venturi and G. Affanni), and the international conference Broadening Horizons 4, which was held on 25th-28th October 2011 at the University of Turin (in collaboration with G. Affanni, C. Baccarin, L. Cordera and K. Gavagnin). He organized (in collaboration with S. M. Cecchini, F. Venturi and G. Affanni) the photographic exhibition on the excavation of Tell Afis and Syria (Tell Afis 20 years of excavation in 2007 held in the University of Bologna), 15-22 November 2007.


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