Life and Economy in the Insula of the 'House of the Comedians' on Delos Island in Hellenistic Times: A Reassessment 50 Years after Excavation

This grant will support further study and an updated publication of The House of the Comedians Insula and its northern area in Delos (Greece), excavated by Ph. Bruneau and his team from 1961 to 1965.

Our team has defined and registered all the fine pottery, coarse ware and amphora shards during several campaigns in Delos from 2013. At this stage, we started to explore excavation archives in order to get all the archaeological data to put back pottery finds in their archaeological context and to achieve a complete artefact analysis for an updated publication of this insula dating to the Hellenistic period. Our specific goal has been to realise an interdisciplinary study that will bring together several specialists alongside archaeologists and architects to bring forward insula organisation according its occupation sequences, including floor and wall decoration, roof top or roof terrace layout and architectural changes, specific structures destination and artefact distribution.

High-performance technologies, such as archaeometry to determine pottery origins and photogrammetry to build up a 3D insula view and bring us a precise orthophoto map, are being utilized. Significant methodological progress and contributions in terms of data interpretation, pottery production, identification and dating since Ph. Bruneau’s publication allow us to provide new information concerning building study, the functions of space, and Delian instrumentum domesticum during the Hellenistic period.

The grant will be devoted to support this unrealised and updated publication as a classic paper edition with an online extension and web-GIS.

The lead researcher on the project is Dr. Sandrine Elaigne.

In situ cooking pot in a cooking area of the insula at the time of the excavations