The Chalcolithic Cemetery of Souskiou-Vathrykakas, Cyprus


Peltenburg, Edgar, The Chalcolithic Cemetery of Souskiou-Vathrykakas, Cyprus (Cyprus Department of Antiquities, 2006).
The Chalcolithic Cemetery of Souskiou-Vathrykakas, Cyprus


The archaeology of pre-Bronze Age Cyprus is unremittingly focused on evidence from settlement sites, from Mylouthkia and Shillourokambos to Khirokitia and Kissonerga. Since human activities outside settlements are scarcely documented, we have a rather flat, single dimensional view of the lifestyle and achievements of the island's prehistoric inhabitants. The environmental record and the interaction of communities with the landscape are still poorly understood, and the archaeological record lacks direct information on procurement sites for raw materials, on stations like butchery sites and potentially on other sites like those devoted to ideological concerns as on the Levantine mainland. This report begins to redress the balance in our sources of information by providing the first detailed account of a non-domestic site belonging to the Chalcolithic period, c. 3000 BC. It comprises an initial attempt to analyse the mortuary and palaeodemographic data from Souskiou-Vathyrkakas Cemetery I.

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