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Barāqish / Yathill (Yemen) 1986-2007. Vol. I: Excavations of Temple B and Related Research and Restoration. Vol. II: Extramural Excavations in Area C and Overview Studies
Antonini, Sabina, and Francesco G. Fedele, ed. Barāqish / Yathill (Yemen) 1986-2007. Vol. I: Excavations of Temple B and Related Research and Restoration. Vol. II: Extramural Excavations in Area C and Overview Studies (Archaeopress, 2021), pp. 944.Abstract
This first volume of the study is particularly devoted to the temple of god ʿAthtar dhu-Qabḍ (Temple B), dated to the second half of the 1st millennium BCE. Six chapters fully illustrate its excavation, architecture, restoration, findings, inscriptions, and dating. The contribution of this work and monument to regional history transcends its local significance. The report is framed by ten chapters detailing the historiography of research on Barāqish, the initial surveys carried out in 1986-1987, the architecture and restoration of Temple A together with the extramural excavation at the adjacent curtain wall, the cultic equipment, and radiocarbon datings.
The core of the second volume of the study is a final report on Area C, an exploratory
dissection through the western edge of the Barāqish mound outside the curtain wall, and
a unique operation for Yemen until now. Eight chapters detail the excavation, stratigraphy,
and geoarchaeology (from about 800 BCE to the present), in addition to radiocarbon
chronology, cultural finds, animal and plant remains, economy, major historical events, and
unique evidence for trade. Four further chapters offer a glimpse of settlement archaeology
for Sabaean Yathill and the survey of a religious centre to the west, together with a first
typology of Minaean pottery and an epigraphic and political-historical overview for Barāqish
and the Jawf. The contributors, Sabina Antonini and Francesco G. Fedele, are recognized experts in South Arabian archaeology.
The Citadel of Dur-Katlimmu in Middle and Neo-Assyrian Times
Kühne, Hartmut, ed. The Citadel of Dur-Katlimmu in Middle and Neo-Assyrian Times (3 Volumes: Harassowitz Verlag, Berichte der Ausgrabung Tall Šēḫ Ḥamad / Dūr-Katlimmu vol. XII, 2021).Abstract

Following BATSH 2 (2005) on the Post-Assyrian to Roman period, the three-part volume BATSH 12 on the Middle and Neo-Assyrian period (c. 1300–550 BC), also edited by Hartmut Kühne, concludes the publication of the excavation at the citadel mound of Tall Šēḫ Ḥamad between 1978 and 1988.
Part 1 (text) comprises 17 chapters. A thorough documentation of the topography of Tall Šēḫ Ḥamad at the dawn of the excavation in 1978 is followed in four chapters (2-5) by description and interpretation of the stratigraphy, architecture, cuneiform archive, and graves of the Middle Assyrian levels. Chapters 14 and 15 cover the Neo-Assyrian evidence in a similar way. Both can be checked against the field record summarized in chapter 18 (part 2) and ultimately against the field diaries published online. Selected Middle Assyrian objects groups are analyzed in chapters 6 to 10 (clay sealing devices, scarab impressions, early iron, glass, and ceramics). Aspects of Middle Assyrian administration and the etymology of Duara are treated in chapters 11 and 13. Chapter 16 evaluates the fragments of a Neo-Assyrian sculptured orthostat. The urban and socio-economic-environmental development and the historical role and significance of Dūr-Katlimmu in both periods are debated in chapters 12 and 17 respectively.
Besides chapter 18 part 2 covers the catalogues of the scarab impressions (19), the grave goods (21) and the remaining objects of the Middle (20) and Neo-Assyrian (22) periods. Each chapter is preceded by English abstracts/summaries on which the Arabic part is based. In addition, the publication is supplemented by a cassette with 57 colour plates and folding plans in part 3.
In collaboration with:
H. Kühne, P. Pfälzner, J. Rohde, S. Kulemann-Ossen/G. Preuss, H. Dohmann, S. Seidlmayer, K. Tantrakarn/T. Kikugawa/Y. Abe/I. Nakai, E. Cancik-Kirschbaum, C. Hess, J. Bussiliat/K. Gnybek/A. Kaeselitz/H. Kühne/J. Rohde.

The publication project was directed by Dr. Hartmut Kühne
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