The Iron Age I Pottery of Khirbat al-Lāhūn


Steiner, Margreet, The Iron Age I Pottery of Khirbat al-Lāhūn, . Annual of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan (ADAJ), 57 (2013),sss 519-534.
The Iron Age I Pottery of Khirbat al-Lāhūn


The site of al-Lahun, located on the northern plateau of the Wadi Mujib in Jordan, was excavated between 1978 en 2000. This report presents a typological and technological survey of the pottery from the Iron Age I village in area D. Only 201 Iron I rim sherds were found as well as four complete vessels and many not restorable body fragments. The pottery repertoire is quite limited: two types of storage jars, four different types of smaller jars and jugs, two types of large kraters, six types of small and medium-sized bowls and only one type of cooking pot, all dating to the 12th century B.C. Three pottery workshops could be distinguished, each one producing different kinds of vessels. Both a slow turning wheel and a faster throwing wheel were used. The site seems to have been inhabited for a short time only.

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